Soccermatics++ >>> Big Data (MSc)project

The aim of this post is to review this book & possibly provide inspiration for an MSc project search. Four sections, from various perspectives, take different mathematical approaches.

Part I: The Pitch.  Networks & flows in different teams (like Barcelona), ranking individual players and teams, and an analysis of Zlatan’s bicycle kick goal .
“Data alone cannot predict as humans get to dictate course of game.”

Part II: The dugout.  Passing networks and player motion related to the author’s research

Part III: The Crowd.  Chapter 12, 13: A Matlab model is proposed based on data from matches & bookies odds in order to make predictions.  Four (weighted)strategies are implemented and pg 267 summarises.

Part IV: The Analyst view
How data is used by Football clubs to id new players. Works best if new players match club strategy. Chapter 15 describes Man City open source analytics approach.


My advice would be pick a project area that: (1) interests/is fun for you (2) Has data available (3) is a good story – maybe use the structure of part III of the book. (4) Keep eyes open  for good examples

Potential ideas: traffic, Code the City,  Lighting related (lots of data), accomodation ….

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