Edu Cuts Letter to local paper

Saturday’s picture of the finance convener in empty Marischal Square deliberating over “chiefs for £125m cuts programme” had me re-reading Friday’s paper where £20 million is to be spent on Gardens project – one of fifty projects to transform the City. It will include “halo” lighting feature to complement big spending on new street lights and more coloured lamps elsewhere. Reported teacher Vacancies (“92” in the City) and “schools dropping subjects” in the Shire indicate where the money is coming from. My problem is that the absence of an Education director to fight for the principal responsibility of Local Councils (yes, I appreciate bin emptying is important too) reminds me of the last similar re-organisation which resulted in the thoughtful predecessor John Stodter going south. He said you can change staff or change staff behaviour. I do appreciate, though, how the constant cuts mantra contributes to the first, and indeed the second.

2 thoughts on “Edu Cuts Letter to local paper

  1. (unrelated letter to Herald)
    Bill Brown of Milngavie should come “up north” to Aberdeen City where we have a 100 vacancies for teaching staff, many for STEM subjects. Various recent Oil & Gas casualties have had a go at teaching and maybe a £20K retainer would have helped them persevere.

    Clearly there are not enough young teachers, trained locally, available so the answer to his question why (older) people should not rush into training for a partially self funded teaching career without some financial aid is self evident.

    As for “many kids” not having interest in Stem subjects I am sure that there are the usual suspects but you would to be a fool not to see that computing etc has loads of jobs – worldwide as well which is where many more youngsters hereabouts see their future – as do their parents (read voters).


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